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Perfume Tips

How Do I Know My Perfume Is Original?

When we starts involving ourself in this Malaysia perfume industry, where there are tons of cheap original rejected perfume and etc with lowest price ever, we feel that how can we beat their price. Some are selling 100mL of Christian Dior below RM200. How can that be when that cost less than our cost price. Some also sell Armani at a whopping RM70 for a 100mL bottle!!! The prices is too low and so crazy...it is far below the cost of original perfume. We know that it is below the cost because we have done lots of survey and RM70 is really showing that the perfume is fake.

We are also aware that few online Malaysian perfume seller offering 'expensive perfume' such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Giorgio Armani, Hugo Boss, Christian Dior and some other brands with the price below RM150 for 100ml!You must be kidding us! If you want us to follow that price then we have to certainly close down our store. The lowest you can get is during our sale and Pre Order opening. That is all, we can't make it more lower because we are only selling original perfume and of cost, the cost is expensive. Then why some of them selling very cheap, even below the cost? You should becareful, because the fake perfume almost similar to the original one. There must be something wrong with the perfume they sell.

Then, how do we know fake and original perfume? The price may tell you. Frankly speaking, our Pre Order opening which are the lowest we can give. Below than the price stated, will cause us 'tutup kedai'. So, how you can spot which original and which the fake one?

Here are the guides...

1. It was suggested by many perfume lover on the net that avoid seller who taking the stock from China or Singapore. The Singapore mostly imported from China, so no different to that. This is what mentioned by most of perfume lover from the internet. Buy only from seller who taking their stock from US and Europe. Here, at Cheap-Original-Perfume, our perfume stock comes mainly from UK.

2. Check the packaging when they ship to you. Make sure there is no perfume brand misspelling. Sometimes it becomes Joob! instead of Joop! and it sells for only RM50 per 50ml bottle.

3. Most of the perfumes wrapped with cellophane. Even not all perfume designer comes with this cellophane. However, if the cellophane is available, it shall be a thin cellophane. If the cellophane is thick, then it is a fake perfume! See also the glue. This cellophane is also will not be glued on the box! However, some manufacture may put the glue on the box, but with a proper and small scale of glue. If the glue looks like improper, it may be a fake perfume.

4. Code engraved on the bottle of the perfume shall be the same with the code mentioned on the box!

5. Original perfume is always stated with the country of origin. It shall be stated with 'Made in USA or US', 'Made in France', 'Made in Spain' or any of the Europe country. Ensure the plastic sticker fixed under the bottles stating the country made as well as the boxes. Fake perfume normally do not have the origin.

6. The smell shall lasting for more than 24 hours if sprayed on a piece of paper. Fake perfume even last for only 2-3 hours!

7. The spray bottle should be in perfect condition and should not leak, as this indicate that the product was diluted.

8. Upon shaking the bottle the bubbles that are made by the movement should disappear in a span of approximately 10 seconds, after it is shaken, if not, there is a possibility that it is pirated .

9. When you shake the bottle it should not submit any junk, dirt or any other foreign substance. It should only contain liquid.

10. The other things to check are the bottles. Some will have an original perfume as the sample bottle but if you don't have the box opened for that exact one buying, you can't be really sure. The differences about the bottles will be noticeable for the opaque bottles like that of Polo Black or Polo Explorer. The original bottles for these brands have very smooth and fine surface while the fake ones may be a little jagged or contoured. If the bottles are not opaque, you may need to check the prints painted on the bottles. Most often, they can easily be erased .

11. For the perfume or liquid itself, you need to check if the colors are right. For instance, the Chanel Cristalle may have the same color like yellow/gold with that of Chanel No. 5, which shouldn't be. For Miracle Lancome, it may be too dark pink which shouldn't be. It should be light pink. In checking the quality of the perfume, you will know if it's high in alcohol or oil. If you spray it on your skin, you shouldn't feel the alcohol at all unless it's eau de toilette. There are fake perfumes that are oil-based too so you may want to check the smell if it smells just like the original.

12. Those three are the major things you need to be aware of in fake designer perfumes, but you can also check the minute details like the caps or materials for the spray mechanism. The plastic that covers the box, it should be a lot tighter if it's the original .

13. We have seen same perfume brand and capacity sold for different prices by the same seller, one of it amazingly 50% cheaper than others. After that we have found that the seller imported their perfume from two different countries. We suspect the cheaper is the fake one. Please be careful with seller who sells very cheap perfume.

14. Another important detail is that, fake perfume smells differently. It might smell the same at first when you spray it on the air. However, after a while, the smells becomes kind of rancid(tengik). Oh my. Please do be careful when choosing your perfume.

We think that is some guide for knowing the originality of your perfume. Hope you have become the perfume master by now. LOL :D

Have fun shopping for the perfume to complete your life! Cheers!